May 17th

The Aragon Token Sale.
To bootstrap the Aragon Network and its development, we will be selling a number of Aragon Network Tokens to the public.

The Aragon Network is a digital jurisdiction that will make decentralized organizations very efficient.

Making decentralized organizations viable.
While creating the easiest way to operate decentralized organizations, we figured out there are a couple issues yet to be solved: Upgradeability and decentralized arbitration.

The Aragon Network will provide those services to subscribed organizations. Moreover, it’ll provide a built-in governance system — by using the Aragon Network Token, ANT — so the organizations using it will decide which services are provided, their cost, and other parameters.

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Seamlessly upgrade your organization.
Making organizations upgradeable is key, so they can last as long as the Ethereum blockchain is up — or even beyond Ethereum.

Automated upgradeability is also a must for mainstream adoption. Non-technical users will be able to run Aragon organizations with the peace of mind that they will always be running the most secure version of the code.

Resolve human disputes.
As of right now, encoding all the subtleties of humans doing business in smart contracts is not feasible.

By using prediction marketplaces, bonding and reputation systems, we can create a decentralized court system for Aragon organizations to use and resolve human disputes.

Aragon Network Token.
The ANT will enable its holders to govern the Aragon Network.

Adding services, changing the fees, or even self-upgrading the Network will be possible.

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