What's Aragon?

Aragon is everything you need to run your company on Ethereum. Cap table, governance, fundraising, payroll, accounting, bylaws…
Aragon companies are extremely customizable, and you get everything in a unified, beautiful interface.

What is the long term vision?

Decentralized organizations are more efficient than their centralized counterparties. For that reason, they’ll be able to create better products or services at lower rates, and users will buy them.
However, for that to happen, we need to solve multiple issues. The first one is ease of use, and then contract upgradeability, a decentralized arbitration system, standardization...
We want to solve — either us or partnering with others — these issues in order to make decentralized organizations widespread.

Do I need to be technical in order to use Aragon?

Not at all. We have put a huge effort into making sure non-technical users can use it. And we will keep investing even more resources into usability and design.

What are the advantages of an Aragon organization vs a legacy organization?

Aragon companies have some great advantages:

  • No paperwork, extremely cost efficient
  • International from day one
  • Tokens are liquid from day one—founders, employees and investors can trade their shares seamlessly
  • Friendly and fast — no intermediaries involved
  • Transparent and accountable
Which kind of organizations will be the early adopters for Aragon?

It’ll be purely distributed companies and open source projects.
Open source projects don’t have a clear way to operate as an organization today. Distributed companies kind of have, but it’s just too complex. You don’t wanna spend 50% of your company’s time just dealing with basic stuff that can be solved with technology, that’s just not competitive.

Will companies built in Aragon be investor-friendly?

Yes — we believe that the ecosystems that thrive are the ecosystems in which investors are comfortable with the rules and willing to take risks. If you invest in an Aragon company, you can see all the accounting, participate in the votings, see how much runaway the company has… all in a very user friendly way.

What are the key challenges for Aragon going widespread?

Solving contract upgradeability and decentralized arbitration.
We need to make sure that Aragon organizations are up to date in order to fix bugs and improve them to stay relevant.
Finally, organizations are still made of humans, so arbitration is key for solving the edge cases that smart contracts can’t solve.

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