Aragon Core

Decentralized application to run your organization

Managing your organization has never been easier

Transfer tokens

Tokens represent your stake in the organization

Your organization is in control of its funds. Transfer and assign them according to your personal needs without artificial limitations


Grasp the potential of a new form of crowdfunding

Utilize the power of the crowd for funding and raise funds globally, in private or publicly, without relying on banks or financial gatekeepers

It's your organization. Make it work for you

Aragon organizations are powered by aragonOS and fully customizable to fit your needs

You set the rules of how and when actions are prompted and enacted

Code is open source. As a developer you can modify it to match your specific use case

Decision-making by voting

Use voting for more effective results. Votes are a secure, transparent and unforgeable way to come to a decision on major issues

Instant payments in a few clicks

Adding a new employee to your organization and payroll is as easy as creating a new recurring payment

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