About us

Fighting for the freedom to organize

Our vision

Evolution of the internet and blockchain technology are changing the ways we interact with each other

We believe that the progression of modern technology solutions, such as the invention of the blockchain, are changing the incentives for people to interact with each other. We are building the tools for the next generation of organizations to take advantage of this revolution

Experimenting with new governance models has been a very risky endeavour during previous iterations of society. Now, for the first time in human history, we can let a thousand new governance models emerge, all from the comfort of our laptops

Aragon One Team

Luis Cuende

Project Lead

Jorge Izquierdo

Tech Lead

Maria Gomez

Strategy & Operations Lead

Tatu Kärki

Communications Lead

Luke Duncan

Research Lead

Pierre Bertet

UI & Interaction Developer

Brett Sun

EVM Engineer

John Light

Community Lead

Alexa Weaver

Operations Assistant

Jouni Helminen

Design Lead

Bingen Eguzkitza

Solidity Engineer

Chris Remus

Product Manager


Mihai Alisie

Ethereum cofounder and AKASHA founder

Jake Brukhman

Cofounder at CoinFund

Kenny Rowe

COO of Dai Foundation

Brayton Williams

Founding Partner at Boost VC

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