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May 17th

The Aragon Token Sale was successful.
To bootstrap the Aragon Network and its development, we sold a number of Aragon Network Tokens to the public.

The Aragon Network is a digital jurisdiction that will make decentralized organizations very efficient.

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Disintermediating human trade — business — is the first step towards a more fair, efficient world.
We believe Decentralized organizations can solve the world’s worst problems. That's why we are building Aragon.

Aragon lets you manage entire organizations using the blockchain. This makes Aragon organizations more efficient than their traditional counterparties.

By making it possible for everyone in the world to organize, we are enabling the borderless, permissionless creation of value.

Death to paperwork. Avoid useless intermediaries.
Aragon companies are powered by Ethereum, a blockchain global computing platform.

A blockchain is a distributed, append-only database hardened against tampering and revision that provides a single shared source of cryptographically verified truth.

This ensures that your company will always work, even if a government or malicious third party tries to tamper with it.

In Ethereum, code is immutable and everything is explicitly encoded. It is not up to random interpretation.

The Aragon Network: A digital jurisdiction.
The Aragon Network (AN) will be the first DAO whose goal is to act as a digital jurisdiction that makes it extremely easy and friendly for organizations, entrepreneurs and investors to operate.

Aragon organizations will be able to be seamlessly upgraded and solve human disputes using a decentralized court system.

The Aragon Network has its own token, ANT, which will be used to govern every single aspect of its functioning.

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Aragon is a community-driven effort.

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