Unstoppable companies
Create value without borders or intermediaries

Death to paperwork. Avoid useless intermediaries.
Aragon companies are powered by Ethereum, a blockchain global computing platform.

A blockchain is a distributed, append-only database hardened against tampering and revision that provides a single shared source of cryptographically verified truth.

This ensures that your company will always work, even if a government or malicious third party tries to tamper with it.

In Ethereum, code is immutable and everything is explicitly encoded. It is not up to random interpretation.

The world's easiest cap table.
Issue, assign and manage your company shares in a breeze.

We have created the first blockchain based vesting calendar.

Own and transfer your shares freely.
You are the only owner of your shares.

Therefore you can transfer them to anyone and make them liquid anytime.

Raise capital from anyone in the world, in seconds.
Access to the capital you need to build your company should be simple.

Using Aragon, you can get back to what matters: building your product or service.

It's your company. Make it work for you.
Aragon companies are customizable and hackable.

You can modify all the rules of how actions are decided and triggered.

And if you are a coder, you can even modify the code that governs your company.

Vote every decision.
Votes are secure, transparent and impossible to forge.

Assign roles.
Some day-to-day actions shouldn't need a voting. Assign roles to key people so they can instantly execute them.

Rock-solid, automatic accounting.
Every transaction that involves currency is registered forever.

Running Aragon on a public blockchain, this creates an unprecedented level of transparency.

Budgeting each quarter and dividend sharing with stockholders happens automatically, following pre-established rules.

Pay anyone in the world with just 2 clicks.
Money arrives in less than a minute. Adding a new employee to your payroll is as easy as creating a recurring payment.

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Create value without borders or intermediaries

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